IDA-2 Full Kit with 20% Off IDA-2 Online Training Course

IDA-2 Full Kit with 20% Off IDA-2 Online Training Course

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Complete Kit with Online Scoring & Report System together.


Complete IDA-2 Full Kit with 20% discount on the IDA-2 Online Training Course includes Administration Manual, Study Guide, 25 Parent Report Forms, 25 Health Record Guides, 25 Record Forms with a Code Card to unlock online scoring, and an evaluation Manipulatives Kit, all in a sturdy canvas carrying case. This package includes access to the IDA Institute Online Training Platform and personal consultation with IDA-2 training faculty. The professional training program offers guided reading, video instruction, case exercise, and an opportunity to practice administering the IDA-2 Provence Profile by watching and scoring videos of children at different ages between birth and 36 months. Upon completion of the online course, learners are invited to join a live web-based consultation session to share practice experience, ask questions, and interact with others using the IDA-2 in a variety of professional settings. Product # 14515a.

The IDA Institute Certificate is awarded upon successful completion.

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