The Provence Profile

  • Achieves greater depth in the essential psycho-social developmental domains than other measures, employs naturalistic observation, and incorporates parent reports of the child’s development.

  • Is Criterion Referenced.


  • Builds a graphic portrait of the child’s competencies and concerns by evaluating eight developmental domains.


  • Features the traditional domains that assess developmental skills: gross motor, fine motor, cognition, language/communication, and self-help/adaptive plus psycho-social skills in the relationships to persons, emotions and feeling states, and coping developmental domains.


  • Includes the Developmental and Behavioral Concerns List with notation of potential ‘red flags’ in psycho-social areas that may need further evaluation.


  • Provides Guidelines for percentage delay calculation.


Service Plan

The IDA findings result in a descriptive summary of developmental competencies that includes a performance age range in each domain resulting in a Service Plan.



IDA forges partnerships among professionals for gathering and integrating information from multiple sources integral to the assessment process thereby eliminating duplication of effort, information, and fragmentation. The IDA results in an efficient and informed Service Plan with referral recommendation(s).


IDA-2 Technical Qualities




The IDA Procedures provide a framework for the collection, review, and integration of data from multiple sources. Because the fundamental purposes of this process include assessment and recommendations based on assessment, practitioners and others should ask the same questions they would ask of any other assessment unfamiliar to them. Key questions should address the reliability and validity of IDA in the context of its stated goals and intended uses.


Because IDA is intended as an integrated process rather than a simple test instrument, answers to these key questions cannot be found only in a series of tables of statistical and psychometric data.  The Provence Profile is considered to be a standardized criterion-referenced tool and yields "age-referenced" levels of competent performance. The items and their expected age of attainment were derived from norm referenced instruments, literature and clinical norms. The Provence Profile is standardized with a uniform administration procedure and there are reasonable degrees of freedom in the presentation of items which is seen as a strength given the expected variability in the behavior of young children." The intended use of the Provence Profile involves the presence of and reports by a parent or caregiver. In addition, the specific results of the Provence Profile are always to be interpreted and used within the context of the full set of IDA Procedures and should never be taken alone or out of this larger context. Nevertheless, using the Provence Profile in the intended context does not free this component of the IDA assessment from conventional demands for evidence of validity or reliability; nor does the structure of the IDA as a process obviate any requirement to provide such evidence.